Who We Are

Emma van der Merwe – Founder of Doulos Ministries

‘I am 52 years old and married with six children and six grandchildren. I was born in Masvingo in Zimbabwe and immigrated to South Africa in 1980.

I was deeply touched after nursing my own mother who passed away in August 1998 from AIDS. Being personally affected I realized the needs and trauma that AIDS victims suffer and decided to establish this care center where I could help other people from my own personal experiences.

We provide accommodation and individualized 24 Hour care for children of this pandemic. Thus providing love and security for these children, many who are shunned by their own



I initially envisaged that I would focus on children up to the age of six years old. My vision was semi-realized when opened the care center in July 2003. Since the opening we have found that the needs are far greater than originally anticipated.